"Your life is already a miracle of chance waiting for you to shape its destiny." - Toni Morrison

Hello! My name is Crystal Barrow, and I coach driven professionals to achieve success at every stage in their careers. No one should wake up and hate going to their job! Take it from me - taking longer lunch breaks and using all of your vacation time does not resolve the real issues.  I've been there! Is someone or something telling you it's time for a change? I want to tackle the internal and external obstacles together so you can feel productive and fulfilled! Together we can watch the steps you take now pay off with big results that will have you feeling oh so much better in no time! Let's get started!

I became a career coach after my own mid-career transition. I was a federal law enforcement officer in New York City. And although I was quite successful in that role, I often dreamed of going to school to become a lawyer. At the time, I was scared to act on my dream because I believed there were too many obstacles standing in my way. So, I chose the safe route and stayed put.

Then – the attacks on the World Trade Center happened. I was jolted into action by the reminder of how short and unpredictable life can be. I knew I needed to make a new choice, or I’d spend the next twenty years stuck in a job that wasn’t truly fulfilling. So, I followed my dream and went to law school. I worked relentlessly to overcome the roadblocks standing in between me and my law degree, and ultimately went on to become a highly successful attorney and city and state prosecutor.

As an attorney, and former Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development, I was often given the opportunity to mentor law students and other legal professionals. I helped them identify their passions within the law, choose practice areas, and create the careers that were right for them. Soon, this became the part of my job that I enjoyed most. I discovered that I truly loved supporting people throughout their careers to create sustainable, rewarding, and successful professional lives. And with that realization I made one more transition– from attorney to professional career coach. To date, I’ve helped countless driven professionals identify their unique gifts, strengths, and passions—and create the incredible careers they’re meant for.


I would highly recommend Crystal! I worked with Crystal for a few months and it really helped. She was a really good listener, but also asked me questions to make me think more deeply about the things I was trying to work through. If anyone has a natural ability to be coach and work with you through life’s challenges or just get you to the next level, it’s her!
— D. S. New York, New York
Crystal Barrow is an exceptional coach. I worked with her when I was considering a career transition, but too afraid to take the plunge. She was so patient and kind and asked me the right questions to get me thinking about how much better my life would be if I was living in alignment with my core values. An attorney by training, she has the laser-focus of a professional and can motivate you to make positive change very quickly. She is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend her services.
— Monica P.
Crystal is an excellent career coach. She taught me how to network effectively, how to present myself, and how to position my resume. By the time I finally consulted with Crystal, I had spent two years submitting countless resumes without making any progress. The few interviews I had secured in those two years never led to any job offers. I was perplex being that I had extensive experience in my field. Upon meeting with Crystal it became evident that I needed to be more creative in my cover letters and expand on my experience in my resume, among many other things. Through her guidance and suggestions I drafted cover letters and resumes which resulted in multiple interviews finally landing me several job offers in the forum I’d been trying to enter several years earlier. As a result, I was able to negotiate a difficult career transition and land on my feet with a rewarding growth position.
— L. F., White Plains, New York
Crystal is an exemplary career coach and I give her my highest possible recommendation. I met with Crystal when I was about to get married and move to another state. I needed to find a job within a five month time frame. She strategized how I could effectively send out my resume to achieve my goal. I learned from Crystal that even though the employment market is extremely competitive, there were methods by which I could give my application an advantage. She also inspired me and kept me motivated, which led me to receiving an interview with a lucrative private firm. I met with Crystal again to prepare for the interview. She challenged me with questions and she exhausted every possible avenue for the interviewers to assess my compatibility for their firm. After preparing with Crystal, I felt confident and my interviews offered my interviewers offered me the position with the salary that I requested. Without Crystal, I would have never landed the job and I am forever grateful for her assistance!
— Penelope C.
Before contacting Crystal about my upcoming interview I was a nervous wreck! I had not interviewed in years and just did not know the best way to articulate my accomplishments. Crystal reviewed my resume and cover letter and taught me how to present myself in the best light for my panel interview. I cannot thank her enough! She not only helped me prepare for my interview, she made me believe in myself again. I called her right away to tell her about the positive feedback I received during my interview! If you are preparing for an interview, don’t hesitate to work with Crystal! Preparation is key and Crystal possess the rive and passion to assist you in accomplishing your goals!
— K.B., Queens
I recently asked Crystal to help in my job search and more specifically, the updating of my resume. it has been many years since I have updated my resume and although I have great experience, Crystal was able to help me create a new and improved resume which really showcased my skills and background. She told me exactly what organizations are now looking for when it comes to resumes and helped in such a quick and efficient manner that I really enjoyed my time working with her. I would highly recommend anyone currently searching for a new job or just looking to update their resume, speak to Crystal.
— A.N., Massachusettes