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Hey! I’m Crystal

I’m a certified career coach helping job seekers and career changers overcome fear and uncertainty so they can thrive doing work they love!

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You are a ‘go-getter’ and you have that burning desire for something ‘more’.

You have a great job now… but you lay awake at night because you know deep down in your gut that your actual purpose in life is to be doing something else.

or maybe you have a soul-sucking 9-5 and feel trapped, but are too afraid to quit.

You really believe that you could be showing up much more in life than you are right now.

You want to leave your footprints in this world by making an impact.

Am I reading your mind? Well, that’s because I’ve been in your shoes and I get it!

Your life is already a miracle of chance waiting for you to shape its destiny.”

Toni Morrison

I created a side hustle around my 9-5 job as an experienced state prosecutor because I did not want to ignore the ‘pull’ I felt towards helping people create fulfilling careers.

Nowadays we do not have to wait around for opportunities to find us, we can create our own. If you can push past the fear of uncertainty and change, you can (finally) start your own business, get promoted in your current job and navigate successful career changes.

My clients come to me:

  • Wanting to quit their soul-sucking jobs for better work environments

  • Wanting to get paid what they are worth and what they deserve

  • Wanting to overcome what’s holding them back from taking action towards real fulfillment

  • Wanting emotional support so they know they aren’t alone

What incredible results have they had?

  • Regaining confidence and re-entering the workforce

  • Getting the salary they asked for or more

  • Changing careers (even after 10 years in the same position at the same job!)

  • Starting their own business and doubling their annual income

  • Feeling much more empowered to go after what they want

Yes, this is possible for you too!

EVEN IF you feel like you’ve applied to all the jobs that are out there…

EVEN IF you feel like you don’t have the experience you need to get to the next level

EVEN IF you feel like you can’t afford to make a career change

AND EVEN IF like myself, you are balancing career, mommyhood, business and life in general ….

The key to career fulfillment is simply doing the work you love… are you ready to finally go for it?




I became a certified professional coach after my own mid-career transition. Fresh out of college I became a federal law enforcement officer in New York City. Although successful in the role, I had always wanted to go to law school to become a practicing attorney. At the time, I felt like there were just too many obstacles in my way. I chose the safe route and stayed put.

Then - the attacks on the World Trade Center happened. I was jolted into action by the reminder of just how short and unpredictable life could be.

It was decision time. I followed my dream and went to law school. I worked relentlessly to overcome the roadblocks standing between me and my law degree. It wasn’t easy!

As an attorney and former Assistant Dean for Career and Professional Development, I mentored law students and other legal professionals.

I helped them identify their passions and create the careers that were right for them.

I discovered I truly loved supporting people to create sustainable, rewarding and successful professional lives. And with that realization I made another transition - attorney to professional career coach.

To date, I’ve helped countless driven and ambitious professionals identify their unique gifts, strengths and passions to create the incredible fulfilling careers they are meant for.

want to become the ceo of your own career? in ‘get your career back on track: 8 steps to go from derailed to empowered’ i write about the exact steps i took to do it. you can do it too!


Crystal Barrow is a certified job search coach and career strategist who helps successful professionals achieve career fulfillment, whether it’s by helping them land their dream job or make career transitions.

Crystal discovered her true calling as she successfully navigated her own personal career transitions through a series of life events.

Previously a federal law enforcement officer and then an attorney, she felt a pull to do other fulfilling work, despite her success. In 2013, she realized her passion for coaching others when she accepted an opportunity as a career development manager. She immediately fell in love with the work, and this shift showed her she wanted to continue helping others pursue careers they love.

Crystal launched Shape Your Success Coaching in 2016 and has since become a #1 Amazon best-selling author, has spoken at numerous events, and helps clients nationwide overcome career challenges and reach their fullest potential.