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Revise Your Resume! Resume Services Package

(Additional Add-Ons Available Upon Request)

You'll have an application package that stands out and is tailored to the specific job you want to land.

You'll feel more confident going into interviews because your resume will have already made an impression and it's part of your story.

You'll learn how to keep your resume updated and be prepared for when unexpected opportunities come your way.


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Prepare to Take the Lead - Interview Preparation

Two 45-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

Interviewing Strategy for Success

Mock Interview Session (1-2 hours)

Mock Interview Feedback

Post-Interview Thank You Letter

You'll learn how to tell your story in a way that conveys your experience and how you'll provide value specific to the company you want to work for.

You'll feel prepared to tackle those tough interview questions that most people stumble on!

You'll learn how to follow-up after an interview and stay in the running to get hired!


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New Professional Mentor Coaching

30-Minute Private Coaching Sessions

(Includes three private sessions, unlimited email/phone support and three 15-minute check-in telephone calls)

You'll learn how to navigate a new work environment.

You'll establish a professional network by building upon your professional relationships.

You'll develop and implement a professional development strategy that will give you a strong foundation from the time you walk through the door.

You'll discover how you can best communicate confidently with new colleagues an employers to create a lasting great impression. 


Life and Career Coaching for Mid-Level and Experienced Professionals

3-Month Private Coaching Package

(Includes twelve 45-minute sessions, unlimited email/phone support and three 15-minute check-in telephone calls)

This program is designed specifically for seasoned professionals who want to take their career to the next level. Whether you are searching for your next job, want to get promoted, or want to transition into a new field, these sessions will get you on the right track and ensure your success. Together, we will identify the career move that will deliver the lifestyle changes you desire and create a proven action plan to make sure you accomplish your professional goals.

Ready, Set, Goal!

1-Month Private Coaching Package

(Includes four 45-minute sessions and unlimited email/phone support and three 15-minute check-in telephone calls) 

Don’t just dream about your goals – accomplish them. Throughout this private coaching program, you will make considerable progress towards achieving your personal and professional goals. You will confirm that you’re working towards the right goals, overcome any obstacles that are holding you back, and create a personalized, step-by-step action plan to ensure your success.