4 Must-Have Soft Skills That Will Give You A Competitive Edge

According to a LinkedIn survey, 57% of 2000 business leaders surveyed identified soft skills as the most important to them.

Jobseekers can be extremely prepared to rock an interview, but if they focus solely on the technical or hard skills that are required for the job and neglect to emphasize their soft skills, they decrease their chances of landing the job. Employers want to know that a jobseeker has the technical skills required for a position, but they are also trying to determine whether a jobseeker has the necessary “people skills”. 

How to Negotiate Your Best Salary and the Mindset You Need to Get It

I challenge you to ask your friends, family and colleagues to tell you their top three career goals for 2018.  I am willing to bet, that most of the people you ask will include “make more money” among their goals.  What is surprising about this is the fact that while the goal may be to earn more money, women particularly, are too afraid to ask for more money when pursuing a new job or a promotion.

Too many women are waiting to be given more money.  Well, now is the time to stop waiting around to get paid what we are worth.  Let’s get back to the basics with these five tips to get you started with negotiating the salary you want and deserve:

3 Signs You’re Living Life on Autopilot

Living on autopilot means you have stopped being an active participant in your own life. Rather than constantly challenging, motivating, and pushing yourself to do better – you do the same things day after day, without giving your actions much thought. Wake up, go to work, go home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The reality is that most people live on autopilot – and it’s not ideal. That’s because when you’re simply going about your routine, you’re not actively working towards your goals or thinking about how you can improve your life. When this happens, we get stuck in our patterns and we stop moving forward.

3 Ways to Set Yourself Up to Get the Job

Did you know that professional success starts long before you begin your dream job? It’s true! Whether you are successful or not depends largely on the work you put in before you get hired. This is the work that gets you noticed by hiring managers and assures decision makers that you are the right candidate for the position. To that end, here are the three things you can do today to set yourself up to get the job and enjoy a long and successful career: